For some it can be suprising that giving up your time is not enough. Unless you are a skilled person for the programme with Medecins du Monde or the Peace Corps, you will always need to cover your flight, insurance, visa, vaccinations, and other travel expenses.

These costs may vary depending on the category of the project - for example projects that require special equipment and training tend to have higher fees than those designed for community development. Costs also vary according to the country of placement and the length of stay.

Some organisations can take payment from you as a kind of donation to the local organisation or community, but make sure that you have checked the credentials of each organisation.

Costs may also vary depending on the sending organisation as there are usually significant administrative costs that relate to the maintenance of the voluntary programmes.

If you decide to go via the direct organiser of the programme then you will pay little or no fees (though sometimes you may pay additional charges for your accomodation). However to do this you have to be very independent and carry out most of the preparations yourself before you arrive.

If you prefer to have everything arranged for you by a sending agent, then you may relax, but you’ll have to prepare yourself for much higher costs.

Should you decide to arrange your voluntary placement directly via a grass-root organisation (which will cost you little or nothing in the way of fees) but find yourself short of time to search for and arrange travel requirements such as the cheapest flights, insurance and any necessary vaccinations, you can contact the team at Travel with Mission – we can arrange all this for you for a modest fee.


If you decide to join one of organized Travel with Mission trips, be surrounded by like-minded people and have fabulous company to travel with, then the planned costs will cover most of your expenses, such as: visa, insurance, guides, accommodation, 3 meals per day, entrances fee to the planned attractions, materials needed for the volunteering work, etc.