A few steps to be taken by all new volunteers

A few steps to be taken by a volunteer who wants to join one of Travel with Mission trips:

  1. Check the actual group volunteering offers HERE.
  2. When you decide to join the group, contact us or book your place via website.
  3. If your dreamed destination is not on our list, please contact us and tell us about it! We will think about it;)
  4. Once you decide to go with us, you will join the private Facebook group where you can meet other travellers and ask all uprising questions. In this way you will have a chance to find out more about the programme and your colleagues.
  5. All instructions, agreement, what-to-bring list, etc. will be send to you.


If you decide to use our browser to find the best volunteering programme for you to go on your own:

Firstly, by using Travel with Mission’s website, you can choose between the continent, country, type of work, length of placement and arrangement costs. Using these selections you can create a short list of 3-5 possible volunteering programmes that match your interest and needs.

Next, before you register, book or pay for a volunteering programme, you should try to find answers to the following questions:
-    What kind of job will you have? What will your daily routine look like? Will you have weekends off?
-    In instances where you want to choose a programme directly from the sending organization: Do they cooperate with the local organisation? Who is the partner? What kind of support can you get from the local partner and the sending organisation?
-    What exactly is included in the programme fees? What percentage of your fees go towards administrative costs, your accomodation, or food? Does any money go to the local community?
-    What are your expectations and aims of this programme? Make sure that you discuss your expectations and aims with the local organisation and establish if they have a chance to be fulfilled.
-    Do you need any extra skills to do your volunteering job? Do you need to speak any other foreign languages?
-    Will you receive any pre-departure training and/or post-arrival training?
-    Can you volunteer with a friend or family member? Can you be accomodated together?
-    Is the area politically stable?
-    What access do you have to telecommunications or the Internet?
-    Where is the nearest pharmacy, medical facility or hospital?

Try to look for reviews about your preferred volunteering programme – this can help you make up your mind. You can also ask the organisation for the email addresses of their former volunteers and try to contact them personally.

When you’ve done your homework then you can make your choice! Remember to enjoy your volunteering opportunity abroad and try to be as enthusiastic, open-minded, flexible and patient as possible. Remember that no organisation is perfect!

Finally, remember to post your review of the volunteering programme on our website when you return, so others can use your information and tips for their searches.