Volunteer in a group!

Is it your first time to volunteer abroad? So you will probably  feel more comfortable going with a group, with no need to worry about travelling around the country on your own. Read our blog and find out what are the differences of travelling in a group versus going on your own. 

We would love to encourage more people to become volunteers abroad and we think that joining an organized group is a great idea!

Together with a friendly travel agency we organised the first trip to NEPAL to volunteer with a group in September 2016. You can read the interview with the participants of our trip on our blog - HERE.


2 weeks in NOVEMBER 2017 -  to be confirmed

This experience will make a difference for a local community while painting and decorating school classes and spending time with local families, culture and tradition! There will also be a visit to Kathmandu, Pokhara and a must- see National Chitwan Park! You will get a chance to try some local dancing, walk through a jungle and meet a rhino if you are lucky …

Join our small group and discover different type of travelling! Read the full programme and offer HERE!


We are working on new trips in 2018. We would love to continue our cooperation with friendly organisations in NEPAL and PERU. But we will also start cooperation with organisations from BRAZIL, VIETNAM, THAILAND, GEORGIA and probably 2 more countries. Please, check the programme soon ...

Read some of the stories and advices of our volunteers to Nepal:

 „I like helping people, travelling and exploring the world in a ‘non-tourist’ way. I know that you cannot change the world with one trip, but you can try to make it a bit better place for at least a few peopleAlso, I thought that it would be a good idea to spend my vacations with people, with whom I share similar values (...) Another aspect of this trip which I really value is the possibility to live in the house of a local family, who seeing how we were involved in our volunteering project – opened up and didn’t feel uncomfortable to carry on with their daily activities as usual. They didn’t pretend anything. Living in a hotel or in an apartment rented through AirB&B always has some commercial accent. At Krishna’s – we didn’t feel anything of that.” - Marta

„Travelling in a group definitely reduces the stress level ;-) and even experienced travellers will feel very comfortable in Nepal. I heard somewhere this sentence, which I still hold fresh in my memory: we know ourselves only as much as we have experienced. I often catch myself thinking about a particular situation and feeling all kinds of doubts, even fear, and most often I am very pleasantly surprised by reality ;-) This is exactly one of the reasons why I think it is really worth travelling – to learn more about ourselves and discover our boundaries.” - Małgosia

„It’s very natural, that we are afraid of what we do not know. But that’s good, because it keeps us alert in case of danger. What I can advise is this: trust the organizer of your trip. Ask them questions so they can address your doubts. Overcome your fear”. - Monika

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