Iguassu Falls, Brazil, volunteering abroad

Iguassu Falls, Brazil. Photo by Willian Hludke,

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, volunteering abroad

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photo by Aleksandra Koch,





We have already painted school classes in Nepal, we have repaired the school canteen and we organized a sports Olympiad in Peru, and this time ... we will help Professor Toledo of IPBIO - Instituto de Pesquisas da Biodiversidade on the project of collecting, counting and photographing amphibians threatened with extinction;) Do not worry, before we set off to work, we will first receive appropriate methodological training and familiarization with the reserve. So we will be able to support a useful initiative, get to know the world of Brazilian scientists, and all this surrounded by fascinating nature ....

We also have a tour of the Iguassu Falls and the Brazilian and Argentine side in the programme! And on the way to the waterfalls, we will visit Curitiba - with the largest number of "old Polonia" in Brazil, that is, settled here in the 19th century and here we are counting on a meeting with the Polish-Brazilian organization! We are curious about their history, and you?

The program could not miss Rio de Janeiro and attractions associated with it, but read the whole program themselves;)


To make up your mind, firstly read the interview with the participants of our first trip combined with group volunteering to Nepal: HERE and the reports from previous trips HERE.

The final question we asked our volunteers was: will the volunteers repeat this experience? 

Monika immediately replies: “Yes, yes, and yes again! And I will whole-heartedly encourage everyone to try this form of holidays. And as soon as I find out about a trip with the same team – I’m in – no questions asked ;)”

Małgosia has similar thoughts: „We are a group of six girls who really took a great liking to each other. We shared the same sense of humour, we supported each other when one of us didn’t feel too well, we were eager to discover each other. For sure we will keep in touch.”

Marta: „We didn’t know each other before the journey – the first time we saw each other was in the departure hall at the Okęcie Airport in Warsaw. I hope that we will not only stay in touch, but that we will paint more than one school together :)


We are now collecting groups (a minimum of 6 people) for a 2-week trip in October. Detailed dates to be confirmed - depending on the ticket prices.



Brazil, wild nature, reserva, toucan

Toucan. Photo by Denise Worisch, Pixabay


Day 1 - Warsaw - Sao Paulo

Departure from Warsaw and flight to Sao Paulo.


Day 2 - Sao Paulo

Arrival to Sao Paulo and transfer to the hotel. Depending on the time of arrival - visiting the city. Dinner at one of the restaurants in the center.


Day 3 - Sao Paulo - Iporanga

After breakfast, take a bus to the Betary Reserve, Iporanga, to start your adventure with volunteering. We will cover the 328 km route in about 5.5 hours. Lunch and meeting with the organsation upon arrival. Mutual presentation and introduction to the project, discussion of the methodology. Before dinner, visit the reserve. For the next 3 days we will stay in the reserve in the so-called guest house.

Greenhouse, iPBIO, Iporanga, Brazil, volunteering abroad

Greenhouse in iPBIO, Iporanga, Brazil

Day 4 - Iporanga

The whole day of work on the project in the reserve, so you will find comfortable trekking shoes and a rain jacket. Collecting, photographing and measuring amphibians, especially endangered species of frogs in the reserve. All meals at the IPBIO institute.


Day 5 - Iporanga

Today, there will be a chance to visit the reserve area. Depending on how we will go the previous day, we can go on a day trip to one of the larger caves in the area or take part in a shorter rafting on pontoons, i.e. boia cross;)

Botanical garden in Curitiba, Brazil.

Botanical garden in Curitiba, Brazil. Photo by Jerzy Andrzej Kucia

Day 6 - Iporanga - Curitiba

In the morning we part with the team from the Institute and we take a bus to Curitiba (about 180 km, about 4 hours of driving). Curitiba is the greenest city in the world with a beautiful botanical garden! In Brazil, Curitiba is said to be the most European city in South America, and in addition it is ... the Brazilian capital of Polonia! There is a park of John Paul II, before the entrance a restaurant with borscht and dumplings, and in the middle of the open-air museum with huts of the first Polish emigrants, who arrived in Brazil at the end of the 19th century! And that's why we hope to meet with representatives of this Polonia, and maybe even do some sports Olympics for children of Polish descent ...;)

We spend the night in a hotel in Curitiba.

Iguassu Falls, Brazil.

Iguassu Falls, Brazil. Photo by Werner Sidler

Day 7 - Curitiba - Iguassu Falls

Morning ride to the airport and flight to Iguassu. After accommodation and dinner we will go to the waterfalls on the Brazilian side.

According to some Iguassu Falls, it is one of the biggest attractions of South America next to the Galapagos Islands, Machu Picchu or Salar de Uyuni. Recognized as one of the Seven New Wonders of Nature Iguassu Falls are twice as tall and twice as wide as the Niagara Falls!

Meeting with this miracle of nature, we will start walking on the Brazilian side of waterfalls, stretching about 800 m along a path - a kind of bridge suspended on the edge of the slope. Every step on this path is a new, breathtaking view.

Then we will have a trip to the devil's gorge;) So we drive through the jungle surrounding the waterfalls with a 3-km long route with special jeeps with trailers. Jeeps will take us to the bank of the Iguassu River, where there will be special pontoon boats to cruise along the Iguassu Canyon to the waterfalls, barely recognizable from this different perspective. We will have the opportunity not only to see them - but also to feel their power ... soaked to the dry thread;)

After these attractions we will come back to the hotel and for dinner.

Iguassu Falls

Iguassu Falls. Photo by Willian Hludke

Day 8 - Iguassu Falls - ARGENTINA

Before noon, a moment of rest and the possibility of independent exploration of waterfalls, a path leading over the canyon, where foamy water foams. Then we will have a visit ... in Argentina.

A walking tour (about 2.5 km) will be preceded by a short ride on the park railway. There are three separate paths leading to waterfalls, but the most mesmerizing route is Garganta de Diablo, or Devil's Gorge. It is here that 13,000 m2 of water per second drops from a height of 90 m from 14 minor waterfalls to a narrow "gorge".

Not only will we be in Argentina, we will visit a place where three countries meet - Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay - so-called. three borders! It will also be an opportunity to buy small souvenirs in local shops.

Lunch in Argentina, dinner in Brazil;)

A cable car to the Sugar Loaf (Pão de Açucar), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A cable car to the Sugar Loaf (Pão de Açucar), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Day 9 - Iguassu - Rio de Janeiro

After breakfast at the hotel, we will go to the amazing bird sanctuary - Parque des Aves. There will be a unique opportunity to see dozens of species of parrots, toucans, waterfowl and birds of prey from close up. There will also be an opportunity to do some small shopping at the local souvenir shop.

Then we have a flight to Rio, accommodation, and in the evening a walk along the seaside promenade and dinner in Rio.


Day 10 - Rio de Janeiro

After breakfast there will be time for ... a Brazilian beach;) Finally, there will be an opportunity to see for yourself if Copacabana is overrated;)

And after lunch, we will take the cable car to the Sugar Loaf (Pão de Açucar), from where we will see a beautiful panorama of Rio and the figure of Christ. Choosing a route with a wagon (because you can also choose a walking route), we will cover the route in two stages. The first stop will be at Morro da Urca (the first Rio panorama), and the second entry leads us to the top of the Sugar Loaf.

Corcovado Mountain with the statue of Christ the Saver (Cristo Redentor), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Corcovado Mountain with the statue of Christ the Saver (Cristo Redentor), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Day 11 - Rio de Janeiro

On this day, we propose the most recognizable attraction in Rio - the Corcovado Mountain, a hummock 709m above sea level. The stunning view from the top of this hill is as impressive as the statue of Christ the Savior (Cristo Redentor) placed on it, with arms open in an inviting gesture. Cristo Redentor measures 30 m and weighs over 1000 tons.

For volunteers (additionally payable) - helicopter flight over the city and around Corcovado.

Favela, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Favela in Rio, Brazil. Photo by Luiz Gonzaga de Souza

Day 12 - Rio de Janeiro

Today we will discover Rio definitely less touristy, we will go to one of the favela in Rio, but in the company of a local guardian.

In the afternoon we will go to Sambodrome, which during Rio Carnival becomes the most important place in Rio;)

And for those who want it, an additional option - visiting the Maracana stadium - the largest, and certainly the most famous stadium in the world, which can accommodate over 100,000. viewers! On the day when there are no matches, you can see the stadium from the inside.


Day 13 - Rio de Janeiro - Warsaw

Depending on the flights chosen, it is also possible to have a morning sun bathing and lunch in Rio or a trip to the airport immediately after breakfast.

beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A sandy beach in Rio, Brazil. Photo by Michael Siebert

Day 14 - Warsaw

Return to Warsaw (hours - depending on selected flights)

Farewell of the group.


* Due to the nature of the trip, slight deviations from the program are possible, however, they do not affect its basic shape and quality.

Price for 1 person: USD 2450 + Warsaw-Sao Paulo ticket and Rio de Janeiro-Warsaw (note: other internal flights are already included)

The trip will be carried out even at the gegistration of only 6 people!  



What's included in the price:

  • Guide with Polish and English language - Travel with Mission / No Limits representative
  • Accommodation in 2, 3 and 4 person rooms (4-person can be during volunteering in Iporanga): Sao Paulo, Iporanga, Curitiba, Iguassu Falls, Rio de Janeiro
  • 3 meals a day at local restaurants and at the place of volunteering
  • Water, coffee / tea with meals
  • Local guide with English: Rio de Janeiro, Corcovado
  • Fees for entries to the facilities listed in the program, including entrance fees to the Iguassu Falls Park, train rides - Corcovado or visiting the Sugarloaf.
  • Transfers:

Transfers from and to the airport
Flight to Curitiba - Iguassu Falls
Iguassu Falls - Rio de Janeiro
Internal bus journeys
Airport charges

  • Insurance
  • A donation for the iPBIO Institute - the place of our volunteering


The price does not include:

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Additional meals ordered individually
  • Tips
  • Personal expenses
  • Helicopter flight over Rio de Janeiro and around Corcovado - for volunteers (about 100 USD)
  • Visiting the Maracana stadium - for those willing (about 60 USD).


The trip is carried out in cooperation with a friendly and very experienced tourism organizer - Alina Majewska, the owner of the company "No Limits",, entered into the Register (regulated activity) of Tourism Organizers and Tourist Intermediaries of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship under the number 993; REGON 140433182, NIP 527-146-97-92.



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