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People volunteer for lots of reasons - maybe a gap year, a retirement plan, a personal challenge or a meaningful holiday. Wildlife volunteering can include collecting and inputting data, caring for animals, reforestation, minimising human-wildlife conflict, wildlife monitoring, marine and coral reef surveys or tracking animals using GPS systems. Volunteers need to be reasonably fit, but that’s the only real criteria and age is certainly no barrier – I’ve worked with volunteers aged aged between 16 and 70.

Whether your motivation is the destination, a particular species or expanded horizons there's a volunteer project that will suit you but like anything else you might buy you must do your background research and don’t take everything the salesman tells you at face value.

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What could be better than to get paid for doing what you love? That could just be the best job in the world. Actually, Confucius said: If you love what you do, you'll never work a dy in  your life.

And there is a beautiful truth in that. But the best part is that it’s so easy to do! In this day and age, we are all connected with the world through the web, which gives many possibilities for people to work. You can do your job from your armchair at home, balcony in Spain, terrace in Kenia or cabin in the mountains. That’s one of the greatest perks of this type of work – the freedom to take our stuff with us, wherever we want. If it sounds tempting, and you have just visualized yourself sitting with your feet curled up, laptop on your lap, lost in thought, typing the next paragraph while sipping a juicy cocktail, then take the next step, and simply try. We have collected some advice and tips to help you get started. Ready?

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