Blog (# inadvance)


There’s travelling… and there’s travelling. A 2h flight needs hardly any more preparation than getting into your car for a weekend trip out of town. However, summer is coming, and some of you might be tempted to take advantage of a break from college or work, and plan a trip to the other side of the globe. Nepal? India? South America? If you are from Europe or North America and are planning to embrace volunteering abroad and perhaps combine it with tracking, you may be in for a bit of travelling. Counting time for door-to-door, you may find yourself on a trip anywhere from 8 to 16 hours…. or even 24h+ in some cases, especially if you have to switch planes in the process. In order for everything to run smoothly – it won’t hurt to prepare a few things in advance for a more comfortable and free from unwelcome surprises trip.  So – what should you remember about when travelling long distance? Check out our list. >>