Blog (# NewYearsResolutions)


Yes, it is this time of the year, when we love setting ourselves new goals and making changes for the better. Your Facebook newsfeed is most probably currently flooded with advice on how you can keep your New Year’s resolutions - with anything from how to successfully diet, to finding a better job or just on becoming a happier version of yourself. Since those subjects are pretty well covered, we will stick to what we know and love best – which is travelling and volunteering abroad :) 

Before we begin, just one thing. When you are in the stage of consideration or planning your trip, it is actually sometimes good and inspiring to read stories of other people who have already successfully accomplished what you are aiming at. Visit other pages where we share this experience with our readers. If you would like to hear first-hand what it’s like to go volunteering abroad, follow our Fan Page and  subscribe to our newsletter as that’s where we will be posting details about this event.

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