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07 Styczeń 2019



By Katarzyna Majchrowicz-Dolińska

Yes, it is this time of the year, when we love setting ourselves new goals and making changes for the better. Your Facebook newsfeed is most probably currently flooded with advice on how you can keep your New Year’s resolutions - with anything from how to successfully diet, to finding a better job or just on becoming a happier version of yourself. Since those subjects are pretty well covered, we will stick to what we know and love best – which is travelling and volunteering abroad :) 

Before we begin, just one thing. When you are in the stage of consideration or planning your trip, it is actually sometimes good and inspiring to read stories of other people who have already successfully accomplished what you are aiming at. If you would like to hear first-hand what it’s like to go volunteering abroad, follow our Fan Page and subscribe to our newsletter as that’s where we will be posting details about this event.

But back to our main subject, to all those daydreamers out there: today’s list will help you make travelling abroad happen for you in 2019. If this goal is on your list, just keep reading on. Here are 7 tips which, if you follow, will bring you closer to making it happen:

Travellers Journey; W drodze. Dziennik podróżnika


1. Book a date

Cross out of your calendar the time you would like to spend on your volunteering trip, and also set aside some time for preparations. This way you will make sure you are free to travel, and you will also make a commitment to yourself. We recommend you a Traveller's Journey where you can not only check the calendar, but also write down all your travel adventures and reflections;)

2. Find a job

Sometimes financial issues are the main reason which stop young people from travelling. If this is the case for you, find a job which will finance your plans. There really are many ways of combining work with studying. Once you get the job, calculate how much money you have to save every month to cover your costs – and start putting that money away in a special bank account, envelope, piggy bank, whatever works for you. Do you feel how much closer you are to actually going?

choose your destination

3. Choose your destination

So, you have the necessary resources – time and money – to go. But do you know where are you heading to? If you are still hesitating between two or more locations and can’t make up your mind – give yourself a deadline by when you will decide. You also might want to do some research on the destinations, just so you feel that you are making a sound decision. Be precise about your plans, it helps pushing things in the right direction. Besides, who said you can’t go to that other place during your next trip..?

4. Tell everyone

That’s right. Do you want to know why? If you say your idea outload and share it with friends and family, it suddenly becomes more than just your dream. You are stating what your plans are. People will suddenly be asking questions, sharing your excitement and supporting you. Trust us, it really makes a difference once you spread the word. You will feel more committed and obliged to keep your word, which will be a greater motivation to treat your plans seriously.

Make an investment; piggy bank; money for travelling

5. Make an investment

It could be booking a plane ticket, but just as well buying a backpack, a pair of comfortable shoes, photo-camera or other professional equipment. This will be an important step in in the direction of going to the place of your destination. After all, you don’t want to waste money that was so hard to earn. But it’s more than that. You need to plan the tasks and investments relating to your trip in time to make sure you will get everything done, especially if this is your first time.


Think positive; positive; new solutions, seeing things from another angle

Photo by Nghia Le on Unsplash

6. Think positive

Will there be problems? Most certainly. Will you have moments of doubt? Could be. Does everyone go through such moments? Absolutely! But the good news is – if other people did it – so can you. This is a cliché, obviously, but a true one: think positive. Don’t concentrate on the obstacles, but on the solutions. Sometimes, when you really get all tangled up in a problem, it seems so frustratingly complicated and you just don’t see a simple way out – use the Scarlett O’Hara tactic from Gone with the Wind – “I’ll think about it tomorrow.” When you take a step back, it’s easier to clear your head, calm down the emotions, and start seeing things from another angle. That’s when you will find new solutions.

challenge; eat an elephant; bit by bit; step by step

Photo by Ian Froome on Unsplash

7. Eat an elephant

Don’t worry, not literally. But the question is real, do you know how to eat an elephant…? The answer is: bit by bit. By no means are we not suggesting you actually should do this (of course), but this is neat metaphor that works on the imagination, and if you swap “elephant” with “problem” or “challenge” – you have a solution of how you can tackle your obstacles. If you try solving any challenge step by step, you will have much greater chances of achieving your goals, as each of those steps will become a realistic way of solving your problem.

So we have come to the end of our list. We wish you luck with your ventures, strong will to keep to your New Year’s resolutions, and remember: stay positive, stay focused, and send us a postcard from wherever you will be this year!

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