About us

"A journey does not need reasons. Before long, it proves to be reason enough in itself. One thinks that one is going to make a journey, yet soon it is the journey that makes or unmakes you.”- Nicolas Bouvier

The Travel with Mission portal has been launched to meet the need to find authenticity, search for new experiences and connect with other like-minded people. We firmly believe that such experiences are very important in life, and that’s why we decided to promote volunteering abroad.

To start with, the Travel with Mission portal was supposed to be a handy browser where people interested in volunteering could find various offers and set out on their journey’s individually – and this model works till this day. The volunteering programs are all described with the use of one form, so that it will be easy to compare them. However, with time we saw that some people who were interested to travel didn’t have the time or knowledge to take care of the logistics of such a trip. Others expressed their fear to travel alone to unknown destinies, and there was the ultimate question: once the volunteering mission is over, with whom will I travel around the country…

And that’s when the concept of travelling with Travel with Mission was born. The idea is to set out on a journey in small groups (starting with six people) for about two weeks to a chosen faraway destiny. Together we can discover the most interesting places, spend a few days with a local community whom we help through our volunteering, project-based mission, during which we work hard for 2 – 4 days to leave a completed assignment.

Thanks to the work we do for the benefit of the local community, the participants of our mission have the opportunity to get to know the native people better. Can you imagine the type of relationship that is created when people paint a school together or organize a sport’s competition for children? We can – after our experience in Nepal and Peru:) In order to truly experience the world, we all need a bit of humility. During such volunteering trips we can be amazed, become more sensitive to the harm and poverty of others, which sometimes changes our perception of the world. In effect, everyone gains – the local community and the mission’s participants.

Our volunteering missions take on the form of organized actions, so that we can fully deliver what we planned within the few days that we have. Our work is about sharing with others ourselves and our time, not necessarily our money, which in some cases can have the effect of strengthening an attitude of helplessness. We always try to involve the local community in our actions, so that together we can improve their situation. Just imagine the faces of the children, who saw the director for the first time helping with the „dirty work”! Yes, we succeeded in activating him to participate in the project :)

If you are interested in our trips, check out the ORGANIZED TRIPS section on our website or contact us HERE.


On May 3, 2018, Lidia Kilińska-Dłabich - the founder of Travel with Mission was a guest on a very popular TV programme" Good morning, TVN". During the program she talked about how to combine traveling with helping others. She also suggested how to check the offer of volunteering, and at the same time she revealed how the idea arised.

The material lasts 6 '30' '.



On March 14, 2018, Lidia Kilińska-Dłabich was invited to the Polish Radio Czwórka in a broadcast entitled: "Journeys with a Mission". How to explore the world and help? She talks about what we gain through authentic contact with another Person. The guest of the program also suggests the formal requirements before such a trip and talks about the upcoming organized trips that combine sightseeing and volunteering.