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What is volunteering abroad?
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Who can be a volunteer?

Anyone with a good sense of humour, an open mind, lots of patience, an ability to speak the language (usually English is enough, but in some countries Spanish of French are desirable) and flexibility. These are the qualities which make a good volunteer. Depending on the programme there may be age limits or other skills required.>>

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What is
volunteering abroad?

What is volunteering abroad?

Volunteering abroad means traveling and working in international environments, giving you an opportunity to both discover and learn about other cultures and customs, as well as helping you to understand the needs of people living in poverty, regardless of their nationalities.
As an overseas volunteer, you can be asked to perform a wide variety of jobs, depending on the nature of the programme. This can include working with orphanages; the elderly; the homeless; the disabled; refugees; animals; missionary establishments; educational centers for children and young people; youth organizations; and ecological projects. Many other projects also exist, including programmes to combat racism; reduce poverty; reduce social exclusion; and improve health.

Volunteering is not only about giving yourself to others, you also fulfill the responsibilities you are given, and develop your skills - it’s an opportunity to shape and develop self-reliance; resourcefulness; flexibility; versatility; openness; tolerance; self-confidence and kindness to others. In addition you will also learn how to make yourself useful; be helpful; forgiving; persistent; and much more…

Finally, volunteering is an unforgettable adventure which normally gives back to people much more than they invest, although at first glance it may seem otherwise.

As Mahatma Gandhi once said: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”.