By Katarzyna Majchrowicz-Dolińska

If it’s this time of year for you, that you already feel a yearn for travelling and are on the lookout for the next place to go to – add Peru to your shortlist. Today we will try to convince you that Peru has so much unique experiences to offer, that you simply cannot not go there. Check out the list we have prepared for you to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

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Why do we go volunteering abroad? Is for helping others, to travel, to learn something about ourselves or to meet other, like-minded people? Probably it’s a mix of everything, but today we would like to talk about making friendships which may add enormous value to your mission of volunteering abroad. Although this is not something you can really plan and foresee (“oh, during this trip I am definitely going to meet me best friend for life!”), chances that you will meet interesting people are really high. 


Sadly, summer has come to an end in Poland, and many of us are entering the “hibernation” season, which means that we will spend most our time cuddled up on our sofas in front of our TVs slash computers. As for vacations… well, they have become either a remote memory, or a distant dream, and we slowly get accustomed to the thought of „next year’s holidays”. But does this really have to be the case? 

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